Back to Writing…

My fingers have been itching to get back to typing.

My thoughts have been organizing into blog posts and book chapters and family resource titles.

The words have been piling up, spilling over, and I’m starting to lose too many of them in the waiting.

Waiting to share them.

With you.

It’s been almost 2 months since our Canada 150 East Coast Road Trip of 2017 :).

I can try and begin to tell you what’s happened since then…

  • We’ve sold two houses in Northern Ontario and bought ourselves a house in Southern Ontario – there are long stories behind each of those transactions… maybe I’ll tell you about those another day…
  • Josh travelled south alone and started a new role as senior pastor on August 1st – me and the boys were still living in the north, trying to sell the second house
  • The house finally sold and we travelled south to pick a new house all together – fantastic!
  • The boys were amazing as we decluttered even further, packed what we wanted to keep, sold or donated what we wanted to let go of, and emptied out our home of 13 years
  • We enjoyed a week at family camp – Josh joined us for 3 days before heading out to load our belongings into a uhaul and drive them south
  • Our oldest took his G1 driving test and passed!
  • We said goodbye to friends and places in the north – joined Josh in southern Ontario August 27th
  • Our oldest started a pre-lifeguarding Bronze Cross crash course the same day we got the keys for our new house!
  • We got the keys for our new house on August 28th, unloaded the uhaul onto the main floor only, tore out definite allergy-causing carpets on upper and lower floors of house
  • We painted and started cleaning and tried to find a few belongings in boxes on August 29th
  • New carpet and linoleum installed August 30th, lots of boxes moved to different floors of the house, it begins to slightly look like it might possibly be a home in the near future
  • More unpacking, lots more unpacking, more cleaning, and the beginnings of settling in
  • Boys start at new schools Sept 5th with all the clothes, backpacks, and school supplies previously located in the unpacking!
  • Pictures go on walls, our mattress is delivered, rooms are almost clear of boxes Sept 8th
  • First BBQ and visit from family Sept 9th – who all live within 0.5 – 1.5 hours of driving now – YAY!
  • More settling in during the week, finalizing Sudbury house sale details, oldest lands a seasonal job at local farm, youngest tries out for school sports team
  • Sudbury house sale closes Sept 15th
  • Josh’s brother visits from the U.S. for the weekend, oldest takes a weekend 1st Aid course for further lifeguard prep
  • Tomorrow (Sept 16th) a special induction service for Josh at church – to welcome him officially into his new position as senior pastor

And there’s been LOTS more happening in the details – but I think that’s good for now 🙂

I just needed to get to typing today – I have this rare treat of a couple of hours where nothing is pressing, nothing is planned, and it was a total surprise.

Feels good just to put my fingers on the keyboard and see this familiar WordPress screen in front of me as I type.

You’ll be hearing from me again soon – there’s ideas running rampant in my head and my heart.

Some are more of the same you’re used to hearing from me, some maybe a little different than you’re used to.

All still focused on Simply Live-ing.

Keeping things simple, focused, intentional, productive, positive, and forward-moving.

Back soon 🙂


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