Into the Bible – I Loved Creating These Goodies for You and Your Family!

I really wanted to read through the entire Bible in one year, but couldn’t find a reading plan that worked.

I really wanted DIY Jesse Tree ornaments for the Advent season that had simple Bible stories and an illustration to colour – all rolled into one easy-to-use resource.

Couldn’t find either one.

Cut and pasted a few things together that I found online.

Spent years drafting my own Bible reading plans – realized if I lined up the plans more with my every-days (reading through the gospels before Lent and the Old Testament before Advent) that might just help make it more real and relevant to my family life.

I did the math.

Bible in a Year

# of pages in the Bible divided by 365. Page by page going through the Bible and lining up good places to start and stop reading each day. Trying to sort out equal reading time. About half an hour each day seemed to get the job done. Knowing sometimes I’d fall behind if there were changes in routine – holidays, vacations, illness, school exams, etc. And catching up just might not be as overwhelming as I thought. And I might just skim some days. And trusting God had it all on my journey through His Word.

 Jesse Tree

# of days in the Advent season is 28. Which 28 stories of Jesus’ lineage from the whole of the Old Testament did I want to teach to my boys? Where would I find an illustrator? How should I lay this out on paper for others?

Lots of research, lots of questions to answer, and lots of learning as I expanded my scope of possibilities for self-publishing.

A friend agreed to try her hand at illustrating (THANK YOU Amy 🙂 )

A friend of my youngest son told me about a free, easy-to-use online graphics creator that would help with book covers.

And away I went.

The Bible Reading Plan was field-tested by myself and a few other ladies who joined me in attempting to read through the Bible in one year. I loved the accountability and the comraderie. I journalled daily, hoping my words might be a companion to those who needed it for the journey. I summarized the Biblical events, or main ideas, or favourite verse(s), or personal reflections of the daily scripture readings. I made a book out of them.

Then I decided to make an annual book out of the Bible in a Year reading plans.

Then two annual books – one for those who mostly wanted space to journal & one for those who mostly wanted a companion for the journey through the Bible.

So here we are…

The 2018 Bible in a Year Blank Journal – 365 Suggested Readings & Space for Your Daily Reflections

The 2018 Bible in a Year Reading Companion – Daily Suggested Reading, Scripture Summary, Author Reflection, Space for Your Notes

And for Advent…

The Jesse Tree stories were a tradition in our home for years before Amy and I completed our own book of 28 Jesse Tree Ornaments.

Then we thought it would be a good idea to offer the illustrations as a colouring book for younger children – complete with much simpler versions of the Bible stories.

And we also wanted to offer a devotions-only version for families with older children.

Here we are again…

The Jesse Tree – 28 Ornaments for Advent: Family Devotions & Images to Colour

The Jesse Tree – 28 Colouring Pages with Stories for Advent

The Jesse Tree – 28 Family Devotions for Advent

I hope one or a few of these resources that I’ve had a blast creating and publishing will bring you and your family more and more into the Bible.

God’s Word is truly “living and active”.

There is beauty, wisdom, encouragement, challenge, creativity, and hope found in its pages.

I promise – you won’t regret the journey!

Whether it’s you journalling your own thoughts, or journeying together with me and the reading companion, or journeying with your family through Jesus’ lineage – you’ll be glad you made the trip.

Believe me.

Blessings on the journey for you and yours.



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