The Jesus Tree for Lent is ready!

Looking for fun ways to celebrate Lent with the children in your life?

What if you could learn more about Jesus’ life at the same time? The Jesus Tree is a creative resource that helps us focus on Jesus in the weeks leading up to Easter. A collection of stories make up the Jesus Tree – stories about Jesus’ life and ministry.

I’ve got three resource choices for your family this Lenten season – books full of colouring pages with short stories, or family devotions (with Bible stories, prayers and discussion questions), or ornaments (with family devotions on one side and illustrations to colour on the other side).

And I had a wonderful time collaborating with Ann-Margret Hovsepian as the illustrator for the colouring book and the ornaments book. Click on the links below to get a preview of the books on Amazon or Etsy 🙂

A little more info for you…

What is Lent?

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday every year – that is February 14th in 2018. Lent is a special time of year. It leads us right up to Easter and helps us focus on Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Many people choose to give up something for Lent, to help them remember Jesus giving up his life for us on the cross. Others practice Lent by doing something kind for people every day. There are many ideas for making Lent a wonderful time with your family.

What is The Jesus Tree?

The Jesus Tree is one of those wonderful ideas I just mentioned! A collection of stories make up the Jesus Tree. Stories about Jesus’ life and ministry. Your family will learn all about Jesus – from birth to resurrection.  The Jesus Tree is a fun way to celebrate Lent with the children in your life.

How To Use The Jesus Tree

On the first day of Lent (Ash Wednesday), read the first story in The Jesus Tree book. Depending which resource you are using and the age of the children, read the story/devotion, turn to the scripture passage, discuss the question(s) in the Talk About section and read the prayer with the children. Do this every day during the season of Lent, in numerical order, finishing up on Easter Monday.

*You can also encourage the children to turn to the scripture passage in their Bibles, or lead the Jesus Tree devotions with your family.*

Jesus Tree Colouring CoverThe Jesus Tree – 48 Colouring Pages With Stories For Lent – Each page highlights a story of Jesus’ life & an illustration to colour.
Amazon     Etsy


Jesus Tree Devotions CoverThe Jesus Tree – 48 Family Devotions For Lent – Each devotion highlights a story of Jesus’ life, a scripture reference to read, a discussion idea and a prayer reading.
Amazon     Etsy     Kindle


Jesus Tree Ornaments CoverThe Jesus Tree – 48 Ornaments For Lent: Family Devotions & Images To Colour – Includes ready-to-read devotions and ready-to-colour illustrations. The devotions match up with the symbolic images. Attach the coloured images and/or devotions to construction paper, wood cut-outs, string, etc. & hang on a tree or garland. Laminate for a keepsake.

Amazon     Etsy


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