11 Years of Blogging

I’ve been blogging since 2007.

That’s a good 11 years worth of sharing thoughts, ideas, and resources online.

There have been times when I’ve known exactly what I’m doing with this blog, but for the most part it’s been an enigma. It’s almost always been a way of connecting more with those who appreciated whatever resource I was publishing at the time. The blog has taken on different shapes through the years of producing resources – newsletters, women’s articles, books, family resources.

I think I finally see a connection, a familiar thread that runs through the tapestry of this 11-year-old blog.

For the most part, I’m attempting to pour into family life.

At first I was sharing glimpses into my family’s life, and hoping to encourage other families (mainly through moms). As the boys grew older and no longer wanted me sharing so much about them online, the focus of the blog turned more towards practical issues. Things like saving money and DIY projects. And I started putting some of the family resource ideas into hard copy in hopes of encouraging families that way – ideas like Advent and Lent resources and Lunchbox Notes and Bible in a Year.

As I was putting together all those resources for family fun and growing in faith together, I started to see another familiar thread in the tapestry of all the writing and creating I so enjoy.

My inspiration… I began to realize who my inspiration was… I was inspired to create and publish resources for the next generation. Simple resources that will hopefully never quite go out of style 🙂

Personally, these resources that have blossomed and bloomed in me the last few years were filling gaps in what was available (or not available) as I was trying to raise my boys. And they worked. And it was fun. And easy to use.

And I’ve had an idea…

I think over the next little while I want to package this 11-year-old blog up into a compilation-style book that holds most of what I’ve written so far. Newsletters, articles, devotionals, etc. For my own bookshelf as well as anyone else who might want to add it to their bookshelf.

We’ll see how it goes! 🙂


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