Guess I Had Alot to Say :)

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I went through and compiled all the blog posts that I think might make up a good blog-to-book publication.

650 pages and 155,000 words later, it became clear to me that I guess I had alot to say in my 11 years of blogging 🙂

Looks like I’ll draft up a book just for me – a chronicle of the blogging years that I can read through at my heart’s content.

Then I’ll draft up a book that others might enjoy. Something much smaller. Something filled with the moments I shared while the blog was still called  Living in the Moments – Enjoying the moments of life, faith, marriage, and motherhood. Something that honours that specific time in my life, as I blogged mostly reflections and devotionals. Leave the practical posts for another book. Leave most of the newsletter fill out (I’ll probably include at least a little, though). Keep it really focused on the blog posts.

I also hope to revise my Discovering Hope book since it’s been 5 years since I first published it as a book, and I’ve written a few more things about our Caleb and all his tiny life has meant in this world.

And the Lunchbox LOL Series could use a few tweaks, now that people have given it reviews and shared ways to improve the format of those books. I’d like to get the tweaks done before the next back-to-school season starts.

After that I think this blog might become more of a one-stop-shop website. Something that tells about the family resources I’ve made, the books I’ve published, and the books that are still to come.

Truth is, I have come to love writing and publishing books. I’ve also come to realize marketing is not my thing at all. So it might be time to try an agent. That thought always scared me, but I don’t think I’ll ever really stop writing, so I think I’m going to need some help in finding the audiences that would appreciate the words and ideas I hope to share.

We’ll see.

For now I’ll keep working on wrapping up this blog into a book. It might take a little while, but I’m excited to see it finished.

I’ll let you know how it’s going…



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  1. This sounds like a well-focused plan. I’m happy to hear you talk about more books. I hate the marketing side of authorship too 😦 It’s a huge time-sucker when I could be writing! Do you use Pinterest to market your books? I definitely wouldn’t suggest Facebook with the new focus they have going forward. Marketing is the number one topic that comes up in my conversations with other authors.


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