Blog to Book for Mother’s Day :)

It’s been a great way to spend this Mother’s Day morning.

In lieu of spending the morning at church with some really nice people, and the afternoon at the zoo with my mum and sister (and niece, nephew, Dad and brother!), it was back to bed for me.

Take a nasty cough that’s going around, add some aches and pains from that, throw in a less-than-stellar night’s sleep, and don’t forget the ongoing health issues that require tests (ugh) – and you’ve got a recipe for a morning in bed. Maybe I’ll load up on Advil and venture out this afternoon. Maybe πŸ™‚

But I’ve had a lovely morning, nonetheless.

It felt like I spent it with my family as I read over the almost-done blog post-to-book project I’ve been working on.

I realized this morning, as it is my youngest son’s 13th birthday today also, that the childhood years are officially over in our household, and the blog is, I hope, a wonderful journal of those precious years of raising my sons – this far at least πŸ™‚

And I just finished up a rough draft of the book cover. That always makes it real for me – seeing how the cover takes shape as I chose a template and add in some graphics.

I went with something simple and elegant this time around.

What do you think?

I always love to hear/read your feedback.

Sometimes this feedback has me back to the drawing board, and sometimes just tweaking this or that.

It is all very much appreciated, so don’t be shy!

Every blog post was for you and I both, and so it is with the book cover.

And Happy Mother’s Day to all those ladies out there who care for children – be it physically, spiritually, or emotionally – we all need one another to accomplish the fantastic feat of raising up the next generations.


  1. Thank you so much for the gift of β€œThy Word”. I continue to glean such an amazing time with God when I read from His Word; then your journal. I sometimes make notes or affirm something you already wrote. His love is Amazing. We are members st WBC and I got the book as a gift when you spoke. 😁


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