Lunchbox Notes – Revised Editions :)

It was the last day of elementary school today 🙂

It’s been quite a year, so I’m glad for the break that is ahead – wide open and waiting to fill with adventures, memories, relaxing, and regrouping.

I did manage to finish up some revisions on the Lunchbox LOL Series – I proofed the revisions just this morning, and they are ready to go for the next school year!

Slow down Anna, let’s enjoy the summer first!

But I did want to let you know about the revised editions since the orders have already started on books for the fall – yep those are some prepared people ordering those books! Or maybe they just want to wrap up a few things so they can enjoy the WHOLE summer and not be scrambling at the end. I certainly get that.

The revised editions simply mean the answers to the jokes/riddles/trivia are now on the BACK of the insert instead of on the same side.

I had gotten some feedback and suggestions about how it would be more fun if there was a way to include the answers on the back. After some fancy work in Publisher, it seemed it was completely do-able, so I set to work.

I am happy with the results, and hope these revised editions will suit you better.

Click on the links below to head over to Amazon and check them out 🙂

200 Jokes for the Lunchbox 

200 Riddles for the Lunchbox

200 Fun Facts & Trivia for the Lunchbox

200 Holiday Jokes

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