The Blog to Book is Ready!

It’s all ready to go 🙂

Looking all pretty and shiny as I held it in my hands over the summer.

Reading, remembering, smiling, sighing.

Focusing, editing, adding, deleting.

I loved browsing through the words of the last 11 years.

And now I love having this keepsake of the precious years of raising two sons (from ages 2 & 6 to ages 13 & 17), learning to mother a third son who was stillborn, serving in the church as a pastor’s wife, figuring out domestic life, and finding my voice as a writer.

It’s all right there in the pages, laid out for you and I to share – there were many ups and downs, some the usual and some out of the ordinary.

I hope I share them all with grace and humour, as an encouragement to you and I both.

Click here or on the image above to find the book on Amazon… it’s about 350 pages for under $20 CDN.

And I’m told it will be available as an ebook on Kindle within a couple of days.

It was alot of effort just to keep it at the 350 page limit 🙂

I wanted to share it ALL with you – but that was about 600 pages and included all the Mom’s Moments newsletters, and Family Forum newsletters, and mission trip journals – so those will have to wait for another book 🙂

Instead I decided to really focus in on what the blog was intended to be – sharing the moments of life, faith, marriage and motherhood. Learning how to enjoy the day in front of me, whatever it brought. I wasn’t always successful, but as long as I could find even just one moment in my day – when I listened for God, and knew He was with me, and knew He was sharing it all with me – this gave me the encouragement I needed to share it with you.

Whether we were laughing or crying together, whether the words were typed through smiles or tears (or sometimes both!) – I knew in the depths of me I was not alone.

And this made all the difference.

Thank you for 11 years of sharing.

I hope to share much more in the years to come.

Blessings 🙂


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