Walk #2 of the 77 km Hamilton-Brantford-Cambridge Rail Trail

Two days after Walk #1 we set out on the second portion of the Rail Trail walk.

Here’s the brochure that led to the idea of a very long walk 🙂

My hope is that as I write about it and share it with you, it may encourage and inspire you too…

Josh dropped me off at the Dundas Valley Conservation Area parking lot, and a 5-minute walk brought me back to the Sulfur Springs railroad station – aka Dundas Valley Trail Centre.

A replica of a Victorian train station, the Dundas Valley Trail Centre is the hub of the valley’s trail network. The Centre has a food concession, interpretive displays, brochures and maps detailing the Dundas Valley. It is also the starting point for numerous guided hikes and nature-oriented workshops.

A quick wander through the station (very cool!) and I was on my way…

There were quite a few road crossings on this portion of the trail, and most of my photos focused on those markers. I’ll try to capture more of a variety of photos as I walk onward!

This portion of the trail was also part of the Trans Canada Trail (aka The Great Trail). I’ve been following the making of this trail since I first heard about the idea before I was married. I donated one meter of trail in East Caledon somewhere back in my Environmental Studies days 🙂

But that’s another dream for another day, and would be a much longer walk or bike ride 😉

I love how this sign says implies No Stopping – a visual motivator for the rest of the walk!

We’re on our way to Brantford now…

Along the way we saw many cyclists of all ages on all sorts of bikes, ladies riding horses, teens walking a donkey, garter snakes, and many birds.

You really never know what you’ll come across once you set your mind to going… but adventure awaits just outside your door 🙂

The landscape is still very gray and brown, but I love seeing the contrast to the blue sky and the green-ing grass. And there are many buds beginning to come alive on the trees and bushes along the trail.

I got my first sunburn of the season that day – just a mild one, but a reminder it’s time to break out the sunscreen!

And we stopped for the day after walking 7.2 kms – at the crossing of former Highway 52.

64.3 kms to go – Next stop Jerseyville 🙂

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