Walk #3 of the 77 km Hamilton-Brantford-Cambridge Rail Trail

It was 3 weeks after Walk #2 when we finally had time for another Rail Trail walk. Much happened in those 3 weeks, including Elijah’s 14th birthday and a trip to Sudbury to sell our rental house. We were happy to hit the trails again see where they would take us.

Early into this walk something became very clear… as Josh dropped me off on the side of Highway 52 and I walked off into the unknown… seeing no one else in sight for quite some time… and much rustling in the forest on either side of me… this just wasn’t safe. This portion of the trail was very isolated.

Even though I did walk by the edge of a golf course…

Most of the next 45 minutes was spent looking at this sort of scene… beautiful as it was… 🙂

I did have some company with the bunnies, birds, and beginnings of bug season!

And Josh met up with me about half way through today’s walk, as he did for Walk #1 and Walk #2. He would find the stopping point for the day, then walk/run back towards me.

We were walking to Jerseyville today, to the 18.5km point on the Rail Trail.

Here is marker 15… I love how they count the kilometers on this trail, it does good things for the mind to see the numbers going up!

Once we got to the Jerseyville stopping point, there was a kiosk with some interesting information about the trail…

After walking the trail this day, we decided to find the next stopping point and see how isolated it seemed.

Long story short, it was even more isolated than the highway drop-off, and looking at the map we realized there was a long stretch of trail that wound through farmland, away from civilization.

A new plan was needed… and after much thought and debate(!) we decided biking was the way to go to finish the trail together.

Stay tuned for the conclusion of the Hamilton-Brantford-Cambridge Rail Trail adventure 🙂

Next stop… ?

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