Lunchbox Notes

Hungry for ideas for the lunch box?

Craving connection with your kids at lunch time?

 Check out my Lunchbox LOL Series on Amazon and Etsy.

Lunchbox LOL Series Blog Graphic (2)

The Lunchbox LOL Series was created as a resource for those who have children in their lives. Be it parenting, grand-parenting, care-giving, teaching, or babysitting —these Inserts will bring a smile to the children in your life. Use them in the lunchbox, in the classroom, at bedtimes, for mealtimes, or anytime you want to share a laugh or some love with those around you. They have been known to work well at children’s camps or in health care situations as well.

And these are great for adults too! I have tested them out on people of all ages, stages, shapes and sizes.

But don’t stop there… these cut-outs could be used for all sorts of fun connection points with individuals or groups. Ready to cut-out, ready to share, and ready to bring some laughter and love.

*Revised Editions – Now with Answers on Back!* I read the reviews, heard the feedback about the first editions of lunchbox inserts, and listened to the idea of putting the answers on the other side from the jokes/riddles/trivia – I hope the new editions will suit you much better. ENJOY!

Lunchbox LOL Series:

200 Jokes For The Lunchbox

200 Fun Facts & Trivia For The Lunchbox

200 Riddles For The Lunchbox

200 Holiday Jokes

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