Jesus Tree – Lent

Looking for a fun way to celebrate Lent with the children in your life?

What if you could learn more about Jesus’ life at the same time? The Jesus Tree is a creative resource that helps us focus on Jesus in the weeks leading up to Easter.

A collection of stories make up The Jesus Tree – stories of Jesus’ life and ministry. We put together a special series of The Jesus Tree resources for you to enjoy with the children in your life.

The Jesus Tree – 48 Colouring Pages With Stories For Lent – Each page highlights a story of Jesus’ life & an illustration to colour.

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The Jesus Tree – 48 Family Devotions for Lent – Each devotion highlights a story of Jesus’ life, a scripture reference to read, a discussion idea and a prayer reading.

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The Jesse Tree – 48 Ornaments For Lent: Family Devotions & Images To Colour – Includes ready-to-read devotions and ready-to-colour illustrations. The devotions match up with the symbolic images. Attach the coloured images and/or devotions to construction paper, wood cut-outs, string, etc. & hang on a tree or garland. Laminate for a keepsake.

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Blessings on you and yours this Lenten season!


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